About Us

Plasclean Technologies – Precision Mold & Tool Cleaning

Plasclean Technologies is an American company located in Laconia, NH. Our tool cleaning services are primarily used by plastics processing facilities, automotive and marine repair shops, and the food service industry.

Please contact us to learn more about how Plasclean’s proven tool cleaning technology can help you.

How Our Process Works:

Plasclean’s mold and tool cleaning process utilizes a gas-fired burn-off oven < 1000° F to first remove the substance you wish gone from your parts, then we hand finish the parts to ensure the complete removal of all contaminants. We are located next to our sister company, Burns Machine, and have the full support of an aerospace machine shop.

Advantages of Our Cleaning Process:

  • Eliminates tedious manual cleaning
  • Prevents damage to parts
  • No messy aluminum oxide
  • Safe clean automated cleaning process
  • Inexpensive way to clean tooling

PlasClean Offers:

  • Quality Cleaning - Our initial and post cleaning process is second to none.  You will never find any sand residue left in the manifold.
  • Fast Turnaround - Normally,  with commodity resins, in one day and out the next.
  • No Tool Damage - The cleaning process is not abrasive nor does it damage expensive tooling.